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At the Doyle Law Firm, we focus on the quality of the representation that we can provide to our clients. It has served our clients well over the past dozen years and our success is marked by thousands of satisfied past clients. We represent individuals in serious cases involving serious issues. We handle personal injury cases, construction site injury cases, mass tort cases, toxic chemical exposure case, asbestos cases, and every type of moving vehicle accident case. Our success has also been marked by the recovery that we've achieved for our clients - now in excess of $63 Million.

What is a Catastrophic Injury?

Personal injuries that are life changing - traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, paralysis - are categorized as "catastrophic." Sometimes permanent, sometimes diabling, but always life-changing. And, a catastrophic injury requires a serious personal injury lawyer to see the process through to ensure that the best recovery is achieved. We are serious personal injury attorneys.

Suffer a serious personal injury, such as paralysis, spinal cord injury, or traumatic brain injury? Call Doyle Law at (205) 533-9500. Office in Birmingham, Alabama. Experienced Catastrophic personal injury attorneys.

When Should I Take My Claim to Trial?

Too many catastrophic injury claims are prematurely settled when the victim accepts a large (but inadequate) settlement offer that later proves insufficient to cover the full range of his or her needs. Our lawyers know how to evaluate your situation and document your damages accurately so that you will be protected against the risk of an insufficient settlement on a catastrophic injury claim. Knowing the "right number" is a critical part of the process and we focus on evaluating every case correctly from the start. And, a true trial attorney handling serious personal injury cases must be ready, willing and able to present a case to a jury, if necessary, when settlement talks break down short of the "right number." We have no reservations about trials, as our experience has shown.

Types of Catastrophic Injury Cases We Handle

We handle serious, severe, often disabling, personal injury cases, for example:

  • Mild, moderate, or severe traumatic brain injury
  • Closed head injury resulting in cognitive loss, personality change, or mood disorder
  • Spinal cord injury, paraplegia, or quadriplegia
  • Severe burn injuries suffered in a fire, explosion, or chemical exposure
  • Amputation of an arm, leg, hand, or foot
  • Blindness or deafness
  • Loss of any major organ or bodily function
  • Extensive scarring and disfigurement

Permanent and catastrophic injuries can result from motor vehicle accidents, workplace accidents, defective pharmaceutical products, or even medical negligence during childbirth. Our lawyers have extensive experience with the proof of severe injury claims resulting from a wide variety of causes.

Not only do we work closely with your medical treatment team to monitor your current condition and prognosis, we also work with outstanding consulting and forensic physicians, economists, rehabilitation experts, and life care plan professionals so that all of your losses and future requirements are properly documented and clearly presented. We leave nothing to chance in working toward the greatest amount of compensation possible for your injuries.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Each year, approximately 1.4 million people sustain traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) in the United States. About 20% of these head injuries are caused by motor vehicle accidents. If you, or a loved one, have recently sustained a brain injury caused by someone else’s negligence in Alabama, you should speak with an Alabama brain injury lawyer as soon as possible. During this difficult time, insurance companies or the negligent party may offer you a settlement for far below what your current and future medical care will cost, let alone the toll your injuries will take on your quality of life. That is why it is critical you do not speak to the insurance company or sign a settlement offer until you have consulted an experienced Alabama brain injury lawyer.

A serious head injury can change your, or your loved one’s, thinking, learning, behavior, emotions, and language. Unfortunately, the damage created by a traumatic brain injury may last for years or remain permanent and require life-long care, rehabilitation, and expensive ongoing medical treatments.

Types of Traumatic Brain Injuries

  • Closed Brain Injury
  • Open Brain Injury
  • Oxygen Depravation Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury Effects

  • concussion
  • permanent cognitive impairment
  • permanent physical disability
  • permanent mental disabilities
  • neurological problems
  • memory problems / loss
  • behavioral problems
  • partial or complete paralysis
  • deficiency in motor functions
  • deficiency in comprehension and reasoning skills
  • sight loss or impairment
  • hearing loss or impairment
  • speech loss or impairment
  • death

Retaining An Alabama Head Injury Lawyer

A qualified brain injury lawyer at Doyle Law will negotiate with the insurance firm on your behalf to ensure you receive compensation for long-term medical treatment, loss of income, as well as pain and suffering and other non-economic factors.

If the insurance firm does not offer you a fair settlement for your head injury, our attorneys can and will take your case to trial.

Spinal Cord Injury

Each year, over 10,000 people in the U.S. sustain spinal cord injuries. A serious spinal cord injury can completely change you and your family’s lives. These injuries often require long-term or life-long care that can cause devastating financial and emotional consequences. If you, or a loved one, have recently sustained a spinal cord injury due to someone else’s negligence, the spinal cord injury attorneys at Doyle Law can help.

Spinal cord injuries are often caused by motor vehicle accidents, gunshots, slip and fall accidents, medical errors (see our medical malpractice practice area page), or sports activities like diving. These types of injuries vary in complexity and depth, and may require months or years of physical rehabilitation or permanent disability. It is for these reasons that it is imperative that you contact an experienced Alabama spinal cord injury lawyer.

Lifetime CostThe estimated lifetime cost of a 25 year old with hight tetraplegia (C1-C4) is over $4.3 Million according to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center. This figure does not include any indirect costs such as losses in wages, fringe benefits and productivity which average $66,626 per year in December 2010 dollars, but vary substantially based on education, severity of injury and pre-injury employment history.

Our Alabama spinal cord injury lawyers will fight for the compensation you and your family need to cover your long-term medical treatment and lost wages.

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Filing a lawsuit can help you recover the appropriate compensation for the injuries and medical care you'll need as you deal with the recovery process. Oftentimes, a catastrophic injury is serious and long term care becomes necessary. If you choose the Doyle Law Firm for representation, you can count on compassion, respect, a high degree of caring personal service. You can also count on quality legal experience and expertise in personal injury litigation. Call our Birmingham, Alabama, office today for a free consultation. Our office number is 205.533.9500. Put our experience, reputation and success to work for you.

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Alabama Personal Injury Statute of Limitations

Alabama has a two year statute of limitations on filing personal injury claims. It takes time to acquire medical records, employment records, and draft pleadings, so please do not delay in contacting us if you have any concern that your personal injury was due to the negligent act of another person or a company. In serious personal injury matters, time is of the essence.