Seatbelts are safety devices that are standard in all automobiles sold in the United States. Although they have a tremendous amount of utility, they do fail or malfunction, sometimes causing severe injury. If an seatbelt malfunctions or breaks during an accident and you are injured as a result, you may have a product liability claim. Our office is in Biringham, Alabama, but we represent clients across the state. Let us know if we can help you.

Doyle Law represents individuals that are seriously injured by a defective product or as a result of another's negligence. We handle automotive product defect claims such as airbag failures, seatbelt failures, seat back failures, rollovers, and weak roof cases if an injury results. If you have been injured or a loved one was seriously injured or killed as a result of one of these defects, we'd like to evaluate your potential claims.

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What are defective seat belts?

Seat belt are a restraint that, when functioning properly, can prevent a passenger's forward momentum from injuring them during an impact. Injuries can occur when a defective seat belt fails to adequately protect a vehicle passenger.

When an auto impact occurs, there are actually two collisions. The first collision is the vehicle's impact with another vehicle or object. The second collision is the passenger's impact with the interior of the vehicle, or in case of ejection, impact occurs outside the vehicle with some object. Seatbelts serve to to minimize the injuries and damage caused in a second collision by reducing or eliminating an occupant's forward momentum. In theory (and practice in the vast majority of collisions), seat belts prevent an impact with the vehicle's interior and prevent ejection. Most of the time seatbelts serve a protection as intended, but injuries do occur when there is a seat belt design, production, or installation flaw or defect.

What dangers are associated with defective seat belts?

When a seatbelt malfunctions, injuries can occur. Those possible injuries include: Spinal cord injury, brain or head injury, paralysis, internal injuries, amputations, broken bones, concussions and Fatalities.

In the past, we have represented clients that suffered catastrophic spinal cord injuries as a result of a defective seat belt design. A small passenger is particularly susceptible to this type of injury. The positioning of the D-ring or shoulder strap anchor is typically placed high in relation to such passengers and, as a result, the shoulder strap rides too high on the neck. At impact, the force on the neck can cause severe spinal injuries. Manufacturers have been aware of this flawed seat belt design for decades. There are numerous easy and inexpensive alternative designs for this type of defect, but the flawed design still exists and continues to injure smaller passengers.

Types of Seat Belt Failures

We may be able to help you if your seat belt failure-related injury was caused by:

  • Latch failure
  • Spooling belt failure
  • Torn webbing
  • Anchoring system failure

Alabama Defective Seatbelt Lawsuits and Legal Representation

The defective seatbelt injury lawyers at Doyle Law have a proven track record of success in helping our clients obtain compensation for injuries resulting from defective products like certain seat belts.

Our experienced team of legal professionals and Alabama Seatbelt Injury Attorneys have been helping victims of defective products for years. We are dedicated to achieving real justice for our clients and we can assure them that we will work diligently to achieve the best result possible.

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Filing a defective seatblet lawsuit can help victims and their families affected by the defective product recover the financial compensation necessary to pay for expensive treatment and long term care. Do not wait another day and risk losing your claim.

Alabama has a two year statute of limitations on filing certain product liability and personal injury claims. It takes time to acquire medical records, employment records, and draft pleadings, so please do not delay in contacting us if you have any concern that your injury may have been caused by a defective seat belt.