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Injured? Call Doyle Law at (205) 533-9500. Alabama Premises Liability Lawyers.We handle serious injury cases, including when falling merchandise injures a customer. If you have been injured on the premises of a business or as a result of somebody's intentional actions, call us to discuss your injury and allow us to evaluate your potential legal claims. Our firm may be able to help you recover monetary compensation for your injury.

Liability of Property Owners and Others

A property owner has a legal duty to use reasonable care to keep his/her property safe from dangerous conditions. If an owner or a third-party has the right to control the property, then they must exercise control in a reasonable manner to prevent foreseeable injuries to visitors. If multiple parties have the right to control a property, then there may be multiple parties responsible (legally liable) for an injury.

Suffer a serious personal injury due to falling merchandise - a business or land owner? Call Doyle Law at (205) 533-9500. Office in Birmingham, Alabama. Experienced premises liability personal injury attorneys.

Duty to Inspect

Owners or occupants of real property must use reasonable care to inspect their property and discover any unsafe conditions that exist. If an unsafe condition is found, owners have a duty to correct, repair, replace, or give adequate warning of any unsafe condition, provided that it could reasonably be expected to harm visitors. A perfect example of such a duty is in the case of big box stores (i.e., Lowe's, Home Depot, etc.) - who have a duty to make reasonable inspections of the store shelves and aisles that are accessible to customers. The danger of falling merchandise is an inherent danger for all patrons of the stores. All big box store owners who fail to inspect the areas accessible to store patrons may be subject to legal liability for injuries caused on the premises.

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Litigation requires a lawyer or law firm with knowledge of the law and the ability to present evidence to a jury of your peers. Selecting a law firm with adequate resources to retain investigators and experts is a crucial decision - one that should be thoughfully made at the outset by every potential plaintiff. At Doyle Law, we have the experience and expertise to handle a variety of serious injury cases for victims. The cases we've handled for our clients has led to significant monetary compensation. Let us know if we can help you too.

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