Defective pharmaceutical products including drugs, medications, and everyday products, make up a significant portion of all product liability lawsuits. Large pharmaceutical companies are responsible for the research and development of their products and must include warning labels on any product that may cause side effects. Drug companies must also conduct long-term studies of their drugs after approval by the FDA and report any adverse drug events experienced by consumers.

The FDA is not responsible for the long-term studies by drug companies. The FDA has inadequate resources to conduct extensive testing on all pharmaceuticals being sold by drug companies. The FDA monitors the safety reporting of approved pharmaceutical products, but may not recognize the dangers of a product due to inadequate testing and/or reporting by big drug companies. If you have been injured by a defective pharmaceutical product, contacting an attorney is the first step in protecting your rights. Call us today at 888-633-5204 or click HERE to submit an online form that will be reviewed by one of our attorneys.

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